Breaking generational incarceration and poverty”


Our flagship program RESTORE Her, is our supportive services program created to redeem, educate, support, transform, optimize, rehabilitate, and encourage justice-involved women to take the next step toward a better future. The purpose of the program is to provide women with strategies and skills that mobilize and lead them to independent living and fulfillment.

We do this by implementing a combination of trauma-informed, evidence-based interventions, and an issuance of care in our eight areas of support.

Areas of support

Acute Needs

We help women with their most basic needs, safe housing, clothing, hygiene products, identification, andpublic transportation.


We believe in community and keep at the focal point of everything we do. We specialize in creating environments that are collaborative and inspirational. We provide a number of opportunities for clients to get connected to the right community through pathways, workshops, a weekly support group, and a mentorship program.


We are advocates for continual learning and encourage our clients to advance their education. We provide accelerated educational courses, called Pathways that offer indepth curriculums and assignments to enhance soft skills. Additionally, we have partnerships with credited high school/GED programs and community colleges in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Employment and Financial Management

We equip women with tools such as resume building, mock interviewing, and wardrobe. Through partnerships, we are able to place women in jobs where they can succeed and provide them resources for financial management.

Legal and Community Supervision

We work alongside women and connect them to resources to assist with their legal needs and requirements from probation/parole.We also provide court advocacy for clients with open cases.

Mental Health

We offer proper care to address the impact of traumatic experiences through therapy and counseling to confront depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, maladaptive coping strategies, and other moderate mental health needs.

Family Reunification

We value family andprovide education andsupportforwomengoingthrough the process of regaining custody of their children.

Spiritual Guidance

We believe a strong spiritual foundation is a necessity when embarking on a journey of selfdiscovery and transformation. Our organization is rooted in faithbased principles, and we provide spiritual support as our main intervention to those who are open to receiving it.

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