Do you have a criminal record?

Your fresh start begins here.

Over 1.2M women are currently under correctional supervision in the United States.

RESTORE Her is our free program for women involved in the criminal justice system. We help women who:


 -Have a criminal record 

 –Have experienced incarceration 

 -Are serving a probation or parole sentence 

This program will give you a fresh start.

RESTORE Her equips you with skills that will help you overcome barriers.

 -Employment barriers 

 -Housing barriers 

 -Financial barriers 

 -Legal barriers 

RESTORE is our commitment to women impacted by the criminal justice system.








Our Model

We will walk with you hand-in-hand providing you with support, guidance, and advocacy.

We designed this program to replicate a roadmap. Each stage of the journey represents a milestone. Our goal is to meet you exactly where you are and guide you where you are going.


Breaking Free

Breaking Free is the first milestone that requires committing to change. We help women with multiple complex needs including mental health, homelessness, and unemployment. In this stage, your primary focus is healing from trauma-related experiences.



Becoming is the second milestone supporting women’s adaptation to society. Whether you have been out for two days or three years, we understand coming home can be a major obstacle. In this stage, you will develop life management skills to adjust to your new lifestyle.



Navigating is the third milestone. We help women develop a roadmap for goals and plans. In this stage, we prepare you for a future of freedom and independence.



Leading is the final milestone. At this point in your journey, you have reached a place you’d never thought you would be. In this stage, you will receive opportunities you could have never imagined.

Every fresh start begins with the first step

Your criminal record doesn’t define you!

It’s the part in your story that proves transformation is possible for anyone.

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Additional Services

Our program provides more support for your most common needs. Through strategic partnerships, we can connect you to supportive services for your most common needs. Services are limited to Los Angeles County

Safe Housing

 We have a home-first mentality where we provide liaison services to help women find stable and safe housing. If housing or homeless conditions are severe other services will not be provided until stable housing is secured.

Basic Needs

Navigating state and county programs can be a daunting process for women who are laden with other complex needs.  We provide liaison services to help women with their most basic needs, clothing, hygiene products, identification, and public transportation.


We specialize in creating environments that are collaborative and inspirational.  We provide opportunities for women to get connected to a supportive community through a weekly support group, and mentorship program.

Education Services

We are advocates for life-long learning and encourage our clients to advance their education. We have partnerships with credited high school, GED programs and community colleges.


We help women become “job-ready,” while remaining “career-focused.”  We are dedicated toward helping women find jobs, internships, careers, etc. Through workshops, we provide an accelerated curriculum that teaches various soft and technical skills.  Curriculums are designed for all levels of learning.


We work alongside women and connect them to resources to assist with their legal needs and requirements from probation or parole. We also provide court advocacy for clients with open cases.


We value family and provide education and support for women going through the process of regaining custody of their children.

Mental Health

We connect women to proper care that addresses the impact of traumatic experiences through therapy and counseling to confront depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, maladaptive coping strategies, and other moderate mental health needs.

We believe a strong spiritual foundation is a necessity when embarking on a journey of self–discovery and transformation. Our organization is rooted in faith–based principles, and we provide spiritual support as our main intervention to those who are open to receiving it.

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