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Her Blank Canvas is a faith-based nonprofit organization that transforms women impacted by adversity into leaders.

It is statistically proven that vulnerable communities of women are less likely to receive access to equitable education, gainful employment, and financial opportunities. Access to these resources becomes significantly more challenging and often unattainable without extra support, guidance, and advocacy.

At Her Blank Canvas, we believe every woman deserves equal access to opportunities – regardless of life circumstances and we help women overcome barriers through personal development and community.

The resources and opportunities provided to our participants better equip them to successfully lead their lives and motivate others to do the same. Since our foundation in 2018, we’ve seen women thrive when supported and empowered; and our sole purpose is to give them the opportunity to transform their lives and communities.


Transforming women impacted by adversity into leaders


Our work isn’t complete until every woman has an equal opportunity to thrive

Core Values

Identity, vision, faith, and purpose are at the core of our mission. Our values are a reminder that our priority is to help women find their purpose and operate in it. Although finding purpose doesn’t happen overnight, we’re committed to partnering with our community on the journey, which is an intentional pursuit that can’t be completed without understanding your identity, vision, and faith.

Identity + Vision x Faith = Purpose

Identity – confidently knowing who you are
Vision – an empowered imagination
Faith – an unwavering commitment to your vision
Purpose – your God-given assignment

Our Culture

Our community is diverse and inclusive of all beliefs, backgrounds, and walks of life. Our values and approach are rooted in faith-based principles, but we strongly believe that everyone should have full autonomy over their journey.

Our Approach to Building Leaders

Everyone has the ability to become a leader. Dr. Myles Munroe once stated, “Inside every follower is a hidden leader.” Leadership is an innate characteristic of every person. However, it’s often not realized because of external and internal barriers.

Our leadership framework is infused in everything we do and designed to meet women where they are. Through this journey, women will develop tools and strategies to overcome barriers and become powerful leaders.

Our approach to leadership happens in three stages: Rejuvenate, Cultivate, and Advocate


The first step in the journey is helping women discover their identity. Self-image is fundamental to our belief system, which determines our ability to operate in life. Women especially have a distorted self-concept because of oppressive labels and perceptions. The Rejuvenate stage addresses trauma and helps women develop self-worth and self-esteem.



The next step in the journey focuses on building capacity for leadership. Everyone is a leader by nature, but becoming an effective leader depends on mindset and mentality. The Cultivate stage provides building blocks for leadership and helps women develop their skills and strengths.


The final step in the journey is the key to generational transformation. The goal of developing leaders is to motivate and empower. The Advocate stage inspires women to evolve as leaders for greater impact.

Leadership Principles

  1. Leadership is a mindset.
  2. Everyone has the ability to become a leader.
  3. Everyone is called to lead in a specific area.
  4. The key to effective leadership is serving others.

Successful completion of our programs will give women a greater sense of purpose and skills to achieve their goals.


Our Team

Bree Cooksey

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Bree Cooksey’s connection to the community started from an early age. Growing up, she was very involved in extracurricular activities like sports and Girl Scouts, which was the start of her leadership foundation. For college, Bree attended California State University, Fresno, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Sports Marketing.  Her love for sports turned into a passion for business in sports, and for a decade Bree pursued a career working in athletics and sponsorship sales. Currently, she works for a private professional network for senior executive women in business, alongside building the organization. Bree founded and has diligently worked on the Her Blank Canvas brand since 2016, which started as a social media account focusing on women empowerment and since has grown into the organization it is today. Through the evolution, Her Blank Canvas never lost its original purpose to empower women but has tailored its mission to focus on women with less opportunities. Her Blank Canvas’ mission is very personal to Bree and something she believes is possible for all women. So much so, she has Her Blank Canvas butterfly logo tattooed on her right wrist to remind herself that true transformation is achievable for anyone.

Ra’Chelle Boswell

Co-Founder and Chairperson

Ra’Chelle has built a career working in the nonprofit industry for the past five years, holding various roles including Speakers Bureau Manager and Corporate Relations Department Head at The Los Angeles Dream Center. She has developed several programs that involve personal growth and development for youth and women during her time at the Dream Center and through other faith-based organizations she’s been involved with over the years. Ra’Chelle has fought to overcome even the toughest battles from her past. Experiencing sexual assault as a child has propelled her to not only fight for her worth and purpose but to stand alongside women fighting for their purpose. She strives to be the best at everything she does and published author, mentor, and overcomer are just a few words you can use to describe her. Ra’Chelle formerly worked at the Dream Center Foundation as the Head of Corporate Relations, working with the nation’s biggest brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Board of Directors

Sheun Alli


Jerry Cooper


Brittany Ketchup Hall


Samere Reid


Dave Bates


Loretta Erhunwumnsee


Sophie Hunter


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